Welcome to the Tigase IoT
Real-time communication for Internet of Things

The whole package:

No coding required!
Focus on building internet connected Things.

IoT Made Simple

Create simple projects with no coding and basic configuration.

Have your "Thing" up and running under 5 minutes in a few simple steps.

All controlled from your Android or iOS mobile phone, or a browser.


Secure, Robust, Scalable
Based on Open Standards

Designed from the ground up to be secure.
Your Things are completely hidden from the world.

Network connections protected by TLS and SASL protocols.

Unlimited scalability backed by Tigase Clustering technology.

Based on respected open standards: TLS, SASL, XMPP


Independent, Reliable with Strong Reputation

Does not depend on any specific large corporations or system.

Can be deployed on any cloud or dedicated hardware.
Single system can be distributed on multiple clouds or DC.

Tigase software is known to have over 1,200 days of uptime.

Trusted by many customers, runs on over 3,500 servers worldwide, for millions of users.


Mobile Applications

Real-time communication through LAN or over the Internet.

Full control over your Things at the tap of a finger.

Easy to use, with you wherever you go.

Best way to start is to create account through our mobile app

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Ready to Get Started?

Take a look at our Getting Started page.

It is as simple as that:

All now left is connecting sensors, wires and have full control from your mobile device.

Deep dive into our extensive documentation on IoT software, advanced installation, APIs, creating own clients...

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