Device Library

Currently the device library is limited, as we expand the program, it will be possible to add new devices to the list.
Here is a quick brief of the supported devices:

Light Sensor

We support the BH1750 light sensor which uses the I2C protocol.

Temperature sensor

We support the digital DS1820 temperature sensor, and the DHT22 temperature & Humidity sensor.

Humidity Sensor

Support for the DHT22 Humidity function from that sensor.

Motion Sensor

HC-SR501 support is available.

Pressure Sensor

Support for BMP280 and BMP180 sensors is available.


Two types of switches are available, Pin Switch and Demo switch. Demo switches are just for demonstration, but they do not do anything to the board.
Pin switches are switches that provide either a high or low signal to the pin selected.

LED Matrix

An 8x16 LED matrix powered by a MAX7219 chip

TV Sensor

This allows for some control of an android TV device through use of the TV Web API. Not not all android TV devices may support this.


Currently this is in demonstration, and has no functional use as of yet.


Support under development.

You can get PiJuice from PiSupply.