Getting the Framework and Hub to talk to each other

Before we can start adding devices, we need to make sure that the two pieces of software are talking with each other. To do this, login with any client, upon first login you won't see much. Now choose the client of your choise..

iOS Client

First click the Settings icon

Then tap Manage Hosts & Clients

Now select a Host to enable, there should be just one.

Answer the question in the affirmative, and you will have connected your hub and framework.

Now you are ready to add devices!

Android Client

Tap the Menu icon, and then tap Manage Hosts & Clients

Select the Host you wish to enable by long-pressing on it.

Now select Enable

Now you're ready to add devices!

Web Client

Point your browser to the address of the client, this will be the IP of the Pi with the following:
Login and then click the Key icon

Then check the enable box for the Host you wish to Enable:

You are now ready to add devices!