LED Matrix

The LED matrix currently supported is a 8x16 LED cold cathode matrix available here

This matrix uses the MAX7219 driver IC to draw each 8x8 matrix and is powered by the 5.5v and 3.3v rails from the raspberry pi. This required a direct connection to 24 GPIO pins.

This device requires the SPI protocol to be enabled. To enable this, type

sudo raspi-config

select Interfacing Options, then SPI, and enable. Now shut down the raspberry pi and connect the matrix.

sudo halt

Once your pi is running, be sure to run the framework with sudo, otherwise it will not function properly with this device.

sudo ./bin/tigase-iot-framework

When you are up and running, now grab your smart phone and follow these steps.

Now add led matrix device in your mobile client:

Select board where led matrix is connected:

Select "LED Matrix" device:

Tap on added device:

You will see empty led matrix:

Now you can draw on led matrix what you want: