Motion Sensor

The HC-SR501 Motion detector board requires no special setup to operate on Tigase IoT One Cloud, however take note that there are controls on the board.

Here is a brief overview from the underside.

Underside of the device

GND: Connect to ground
High/Low Output: Connect to desired pin
+Power: Connect to +5v

Wiring Diagram


Jumper Set:

  • H: Repeat Trigger
    In this mode, the motion detector will send a high signal whenever motion is detected, and it will reset after the time delay.

  • L: Single Trigger
    In this mode they motion detector will provide a high output signal when motion is detected, but will remain on until the device is reinitialized.


  • Sensitivity Adjust
    Adjust this to change how far away the device will sense motion

  • Time Delay Adjust
    Adjust how long should the sensor wait between reset between 300 and 5 seconds.

Note that this device takes approximately one minute to initialize after applying power.'

Be sure to select the wiringPi pin you are selecting when adding this device.

Adding the device

Tap add a device, and select Motion Sensor from the dropdown list.

For now there is only the HCSR501 device available, so select that.

Now configure the WiringPi pin it's plugged into, it's name, and the polling interval.

You now have the motion sensor setup!

It will display True or False if there is motion or not within the interval. Note that it will take some time to initialize so you may see -- as it has not reported any data yet.