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Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam, 2018-07-27 01:19 PM

The whole package

Tigase IoT provides all the software elements necessary for developing your IoT project and connect IoT devices:

IoT Framework - Sensor drivers and communication with IoT Hub

IoT Framework is a low level package which runs on RPi or other compatible boards and "talks" to devices and sensors. It supports out of the box large number of sensors and devices. Take a look at our Device Library for a complete list.

On top of this the IoT Framework offers very flexible and well design API to further extend it with new sensors and devices. The APIs allows to extend the framework with code in Java or Python.

Additionally, the Iot Framework is also responsible for auto-discovery IoT Hub on a local network and communication with the hub.

More details on the project's site: IoT Framework