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# The whole package
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Tigase IoT provides all the software elements necessary for developing your IoT project and connect IoT devices:
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## IoT Framework - Sensor drivers and communication with IoT Hub
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IoT Framework is a low level package which runs on RPi or other compatible boards and "talks" to devices and sensors. It supports out of the box large number of sensors and devices. Take a look at our [[Device Library]] for a complete list.
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On top of this the IoT Framework offers very flexible and well design API to further extend it with new sensors and devices. The APIs allows to extend the framework with code in Java or Python.
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Additionally, the Iot Framework is also responsible for auto-discovery IoT Hub on a local network and communication with the hub.
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More details on the project's site: project:tigase-iot-framework
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## IoT Hub
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The trusted on thousands systems Tigase XMPP Server was extended, customized and tuned to run on small boards with minimum resources and act as local network IoT Hub. 
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* Broadcast discovery information which allows for zero-configuration quick deployment
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* Protects IoT data with secure and robust user accounts management
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* Collects all IoT data in a single place
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* Delivers IoT data in real-time to client applications
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* Optionally delivers Iot data in real-time to Tigase IoT One Cloud service where they can accessed from the Internet
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## Mobile applications
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Available for iOS and Android devices.
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* Allow to connect to either IoT Hub on LAN or Tigase IoT One Cloud service
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* Allow for user accounts management for IoT data access
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* Allow to configure sensors and devices on the host device
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* Allow to retrieve real time data from sensors and control devices
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## Tigase IoT One Cloud Service
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* Based on trusted on thousands installation Tigase XMPP Server software. 
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* Is customized and optimized to allow for large, scalable and secure deployments for IoT networks. 
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* Independent from any service provider, can installed on any cloud system or on internal data center.
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* Scales to unlimited number of IoT accounts and traffic
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* Secure and reliable based on open and widely adopted standards